Five AW14 trends to get excited about this winter

My love for fashion is pretty well documented, but I have a confession to make: I don’t really like trend reports. They expect you to get excited about things that really aren’t exciting. I mean, does anyone get worked up over the prospect of wearing head-to-toe grey, or sporting the ‘normcore’ trend – where the purpose is to look as normal as possible? Who’s jumping out of bed in the morning thinking: ‘today’s a good day – I get to wear a plain shapeless dress and some trainers!’

Fashion is exciting – and it’s a fantastic way to express creativity and personality. Encouraging people to follow trends – especially something as mundane as normcore – is basically the opposite of that, right? As a lot of these reports aren’t doing it for me, I thought I’d share five winter trends I actually find exciting – and I’d love it if you could share your favourite trends with me too!

Blanket dressing

Whether you’ll be donning a shawl, blanket, cape or poncho, you can cocoon yourself in something cosy this Autumn. I can’t imagine a better way to fight the early morning blues this November than by draping yourself in a blanket. I’ve already invested in a red and blue plaid number and a slightly more sophisticated houndstooth wrap (both New Look) – they’re the snuggliest way to keep warm on the walk to work!  Best of all, they go with everything: jazz up an otherwise boring pair of jeans and boots or copy Burberry’s traveller chic by donning adding a chunky blanket over a glamorous dress.

The 60s

Every time my favourite decade comes back into style, I give a little whoop of joy. Nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to emulate my favourite Sixties sirens – like Jane Birkin, Jean Shrimpton and Marianne Faithfull. Obviously you don’t need to wait until something comes into fashion to wear it, but it certainly makes the pieces easier to source and buy! I’ll be excitedly grabbing all the mini-skirts, houndstooth prints, swing coats, shift dresses, fuzzy pastel jumpers, over the knee socks and Chelsea boots I can find! 

Fuzzy, fluffy, furry

We are no longer limited to shearling gillets and faux fur coats when we want to indulge in some fashion fluffiness. Everything goes this season when it comes to fuzzy, fluffy, furry dressing! A fluffy knit skirt and top combo? Sure.  A hooded furry coat with animal ears? Of course! I’m very much looking forward to snuggling up in my fluffy scarves, jumpers and jackets this season, and as the temperature drops I’m sure I’ll feel they were an excellent investment. Doesn’t picturing yourself in a giant furry jacket make the prospect of those chilly dark mornings more bearable? And my ultimate winter accessory? Fluffy. socks.

Winter florals

We’re well used to the pastel florals of spring and summer. Snore! But this season, winter blooms will be everywhere! I’m excited to see a bit of a change with the delicate floral patterns in dramatic, cold colour palettes. They ooze a delicate feminine sophistication with a definite vintage vibe. If I’m not dressed as a Tim Burton character by December, rocking some gothic garlands, I’ll be very disappointed. 

Razzle dazzle

Embellishments, sequins, sparkle, glitter. This is my chance to unleash my inner magpie this season and add a bit of sparkle to my wardrobe! Getting excited about shiny things reminds me of how I’d get worked up over glitter jelly shoes and crop tops as a child in the early naughties. But you know what? I think a bit of sparkle is good for the soul!  Embellished tops, flapper style dress and glittery shoes will certainly be on my wish list. A glittery dress is definitely on the agenda for New Years Eve – all I need now is the glitzy party to attend!

Are there any other trends you’re excited to wear? Which is your favourite? Comment below! 

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  1. November 16, 2014 / 5:27 pm

    I'm loving tartan and the sixties. As for the fluffy trend, I recently bought the cutest polar bear hat with pompoms as ears. Granted it looks like something an 8 year year old would wear but I love cutesy things anyway. The closer we get to December and Christmas the more I find myself wanting glittery things.
    Take care,

  2. November 16, 2014 / 5:40 pm

    If the weather clears up enough to let me take outfit posts, the hat might pop up on my blog, who knows. :p

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