Lazy Sunday

 Is there anything more delicious than a big cuddly jumper on a chilly day? It’s certainly in my top ten favourite things about winter. This big ole Topshop number isn’t exactly figure flattering, but who cares. It’s so cosy! My only concessions to style were my trusty fedora and a very cheap necklace found on Sheinside.

My venture outside also gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new over the knee boots. After a mammoth struggle to find over the knee boots that did indeed go over my knee, I found these in Next (unfortunately they appear to have sold out online). It’s love. There’s just one small small downside – there’s very little grip on the soles, so I’ll inevitably slip and land on my butt at some point. I will have to resist wearing these  when it gets icy…

Speaking of resisting things – I’m fighting with my current desire to pull on a Christmas jumper, make myself a Christmas playlist and curl up with a hot chocolate and a festive film. Not until December, right? So in the meantime, I’ve made do with a candy cane.

Sure, this might not be the most exciting outfit you’ll ever see, but on a Sunday afternoon I think we all need a bit of oversized cuddliness in the clothes department. Have you bought anything cosy to wear yet? 

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