Goodbye 2014!

As the clock struck midnight and signalled the end of 2013, I decided that 2014 would be a year of achievement. I think it’s safe to say: mission accomplished. This year I started a fantastic new job, I created a new blog and I took a trip to Paris, I made an embarrassing appearance on TV (irrelevant but worth mentioning) and celebrated the arrival of four lovely kittens. One of my best friends got married, I saw Noel Fielding and I got front row seats at a fashion show. I ate innumerable burgers, Nando’s, chocolate bars and Meateor pizzas. And most impressively, I got all this done despite finally joining Netflix.

Here are the highlights… 
Dear Paris, will you have me back?

A lot of good food has been consumed this year.

The year of the #OOTD

I miss them being this small!

So that was 2014. And 2015? I’ll be sharing my resolutions with you soon! x

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