2015 goals

I don’t usually buy into the idea of New Years’ Resolutions. Cheesy, cliché and often broken by mid-January, right? But this year I thought it might be fun to write myself a list of goals for 2015 – and since I’ve published them in mid-January, I’ve successfully negotiated the embarrassing early year breakage.

I’m going to start with a confession: I’m 23 and I’ve never taken a driving lesson. Oops. I think this mostly stems from imagining I’d be an awful driver. But it’s time to face my fears head on and prove to myself (and the people that nod avidly about my probable lack of driving skills) that I can do this. 
2015 will be the year of becoming a little more well-rounded. For the first time in my life I’m going to put some effort into being a bit healthier. By the end of the year I’d like to report that I feel energised, stronger and confident. That I can bound up the stairs without breathlessness. And that I don’t get super muffin top when I sit down wearing size 10 skinny jeans. 
When I look back on a year, reviewing all the amazing bands and live performances I’ve seen is first on the list. I don’t think anything will beat 2013 (Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane and Russell Brand, nearly all in one month), but I can try! 

Historically, I’ve applied the “earn and spend” method to my income. But now that I’m almost a real adult, that has to stop. I’m going to try this crazy ‘saving’ thing I’ve heard so much about. I’ve even compiled a really long wishlist to inspire me (although, a lottery win would be a lot easier).

With all this driving, cooking and moving around I’ll be doing, I need to make sure I keep up my creative pursuits. I want to create something at least once a month. And I’ve got a really fun new project coming up that I can’t wait to share! It’ll be combining my old lady hobbies with a good dose of pop-culture. You’ll see…

Oh, and I can’t cook anything – I have no idea how I survived University without developing rickets. This is part of the ‘help make Nikki a well-rounded person’ campaign. I’m considering setting it up as a registered charity.

I said I was aiming to get fitter and healthier, right? To help me with this goal, I want to do something active each week. Like trying a workout DVD or taking a long walk.Not jogging though, that’s just the worst. But anything will be an improvement on my current fitness regime: dancing manically every time I hear this song. 
I can be a complete neophobe – especially when it comes to food. I want to try something new (or something I think I don’t like) each week. This isn’t just limited to expanding my awful culinary palette though. And by the end of the year, I’ll be 50 new things up! Not bad.
I don’t want to become a lazy blogger (here’s looking at you, late 2014!). I hereby declare my intent to blog at least once a week. And only good blog posts. No filler rubbish, I swear.

I know I deserve to be a lot bigger than I am from all the junk food I eat and Netflix watching I do. I know one day my metabolism will fail me. So, tying into this healthy malarky, I’m going to eat a bit cleaner. More fresh stuff and less processed junk. Don’t get my wrong, I will still enjoy my beloved chocolate and burgers – that’s just me, I’m not changing that – I’m just going to eat them a little less frequently. And who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy them more this way?

In my first post I told about my commitment to learning French, even though I’m genuinely awful at it. My passion for all things Parisian is still going strong and I will nail this language eventually! I have a language learning app called Duolingo, and if I use it every day I’m sure I’ll be parlez-vous-ing like a pro by the end of the year.

If I could achieve just one goal though, it would be this: be happy and appreciate every day. Maybe I’m just feeling sappy after watching About Time, but I can’t think of anything more important than just enjoying each day as it comes.

Did you set yourselves any goals for this year? How are they going? Please do share! x

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