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Who else reads those ‘what to wear for your body shape’ posts? According to mine, I should be wearing wrap dresses, bootcut jeans and single breasted jackets. Unfortunately, I’m not a business woman in her mid-thirties, so I won’t be following that advice, thank you.

I think we can all agree that those guidelines are pretty silly, so last weekend, I tried something totally out of my comfort zone. I never ever thought I’d don a polo neck (“avoid high necked items” and I usually avoided body-con (“do not draw attention to your middle”). But after my last post about body image, and seeing the similarly busty Marilyn Monroe wearing the hell out of her black polo neck, I thought I’d give it a go!

Whipping my newly bobbed hair into a beehive (so relieved I can still do that!) and grabbing my vintage-looking pink cocoon coat, I headed to Ashley Cross to shoot a few snaps, inspired by my favourite Fifties and Sixties ladies.

Check mate

And the result? I rather like it! I mean, to me, this outfit highlights that I have one of the (proportionally) shortest torsos ever. But I can’t change that, so I solemnly vow to stop caring about it. The most important thing is that I’m enjoying wearing the clothes. My body image board on Pinterest has certainly done wonders in this respect. I no longer expect to see flat stomachs and washboard abs on a) myself and b) on anyone else. And I’m not even bothered about the “winter weight” – it’s the only thing standing between me and hypothermia in this chilly weather. So now I can concentrate on more important things, like whether or not my beehive has deflated. 
During the photo session, my confidence was instantly boosted by a hippy-looking man walking past, who shouted “work those angles, girl!” – before muttering “yeah, looks nice!” to his friend – which I like to think was a comment regarding my outfit rather than me. I think the picture below captured my awkward reaction.

You might have noticed a few changes in the photo style and quality here – that’s because my camera died after a few shots so I had to resort to my iPhone – oops! I’ll certainly be making sure I have extra batteries next time! #Blogger101 


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