Valentine’s Day special: Ten reasons to celebrate the single life

If you’re upset that you’re single on Valentine’s Day, don’t be.

This is no different to any other day. There’s just more flowers, chocolates and commercialist-fuelled guilt than usual.

But this isn’t a ‘bitter about being single’ post (I promise!). Part of me still thinks V-day is a little bit cute. I’m just a tad confused about how singleness on February 14th became a fate worse than death.

It’s certainly far better to wait to meet someone amazing than it is to start seeing someone who’s only alright, just to kill time. Who knows what you might be missing out on?

Whilst it’s true that singleness comes with it’s own set of problems: avoiding Tinder, awkward dates and nosy relatives, it comes with a whole host of positives!

1. You get the whole bed to yourself (unless you’re sharing it with a clowder of cats)
You don’t have to pick a side, you can hog the duvet and you can starfish your way to a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to listen to anyone else snoring. And there’s a spare pillow to prop up your true love: Netflix.

2. You don’t have to compromise on dinner plans
What do you feel like eating? Have that. It’s all so simple! Oh, and you can eat as much as you like without judgement – in fact, I’d say it’s encouraged. A giant burger, with extra fries, please.

3. There’s no fighting over what to watch

That Netflix queue? It’s all yours. If you want to spend the night watching rom-coms, you go girl. No judgement here. And if you’re watching a brand new series, you can binge-watch episodes – no need to wait for anyone to catch up!

4. The weekend is wide-open 
I hear a lot of singletons complain about not having enough to do – but guys, the options are endless and the choice is all yours. Of course, you do plenty of fun things as a couple – but take the opportunity to be completely self indulgent now. 
5. You’ll save money 
I can pretty much guarantee somewhere there will be a man reading this and shaking his head. Dear Man, I have two words for you and the second one is “off”. The fewer date nights mean we can *ahem* re-invest in our favourite beauty products. Assuming you’ve not used your singledom to let personal grooming slide a little. That’s also totally understandable.

6. You get to see your friends more often 
It’s a sad fact of life that you see your loved-up friends a little bit less. We’re totally happy for them, but if we’re both single, let’s hang out as much as possible.  
7. First date buzz
The excitement of getting to know someone new can be pretty incomparable. There will be good dates – and awful dates (but they make the best stories). And you never know, the perfect person for you could be just around the corner… 
8. No-one can tell you off for being messy
See that floordrobe situation you’ve got going on? No-one’s judging. And if you’re a neat-freak, then there’s no-one to mess up your perfectly organised living space. 
9. You’re the boss
You know that whatever important life decisions you make (and in your Twenties, there are plenty) they’re yours and yours alone. As you develop and mature into a quasi-adult, you’ll be doing that under your own steam, without being influenced by someone else.
10. And most importantly…
If Ryan Gosling ever asks if you’re single and invites you for coffee/to recreate the Dirty Dancing lift in his glass house, you can say yes.
Image courtesy of: theplatformyt
Disclaimer: If you’ve found someone who puts up with your annoying bed habits, still gives you that first date excited feeling and brings out the very best in you, never let them go! I reckon if you can share a Netflix account, a pizza and a weekend, you’ve got a pretty stable foundation.*
A HUGE thank you so much to Emma Perry for creating these wonderful illustrations! This lady genuinely makes me more excited about blogging. 
Whether you’re alone or with somebody today, enjoy yourself. You deserve it. x

*I’m now inspired to base all romantic decisions on how much people enjoy a) Meateor pizzas and b) the filmography of Tom Hanks. 

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