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Today I’ll be getting my beauty blogger on and sharing my most recent purchases from Lush! 
Now, I have a very important confession to make: I am a recent Lush convertee. Two months ago, I just thought of Lush as a place to buy really nice smelling bath bombs. I knew they did loads of products but because everything they sell is made from natural ingredients, I didn’t actually expect any of it to work. What did I know? Nothing. Turns out everything they sell works better than any the chemical-infused crap I already own. 
Oh, but just in case you’re picturing me careering around Lush with a wicker basket, buying everything in sight, these weren’t products weren’t all bought in one go…
They were bought in two. 
Yes, I can fully imagine myself turning into a Lush-monster – but I will be the best smelling, softest skinned monster you’ve ever met. 

Hair and body

Big Sea Salt Shampoo

Hello. My name is Nikki and I’m a sufferer of flat, limp, boring hair. Raise your hands if you’re a fellow victim! Big promises soft, volumised, shiny tresses – which is basically my dream come true. I’m only two washes in, but I can confirm that it already feels very clean, soft and shiny. It looks a bit more voluminous but nothing madly noticeable yet – I like to think this will build over time. The shampoo itself is a sort of clear ectoplasm with big ole grains of salt in. Sound bizarre, huh? It’s actually super refreshing and exfoliating. But only use a small dollop, a little goes a long way here – be warned!

American Cream Conditioner

A good conditioner is a necessity, especially with a drying shampoo like Big. American Cream seemed like the best conditioner for my hair type (the others seemed to be more geared towards super dry, damaged or curly hair), but as I hadn’t read any reviews, I just got the small bottle. When I first used it, I noticed that although it looks like a super thick product, it seemed to disappear on my hair instantly. This left me wondering whether it would do anything at all. However, my ends feel super soft and healthy, so I guess it worked it’s magic! Oh, and it’s smells like milkshake. Bonus points for that.

Dreamwash Shower Smoothie

This shower smoothie feels almost clay-like when you scoop it out of the pot – but it has this really calming, soothing smell from all the chamomile, calamine and rose absolute – I instantly liked it. Initial reaction upon use? It actually felt quite matte and dry in the shower, but after I dried off my skin felt all soft, silky and nourished. No idea how that works. But who am I to question the Lush Gods and their magic formulas? Apparently this is a sure fix for redness/eczema sort of problems, so if you suffer from either of those, give it a go. I’ll be repurchasing simply for the soothing smell.


I feel like my skincare routine needs it’s own post, so I’ll try and keep this pretty brief to avoid repeating myself later on. I thought my skin was a lost cause that I’d have to surrender to meds (*shudder*), but a month or so ago, I did a total skincare overhaul and it’s made such a difference.

Herbalism Face & Body Cleanser 

The name says it all! This green herb-y pot of goodness is made from nettles, rosemary, rice bran, almonds and plenty of other natural ingredients which are all rich in vitamins and minerals and work absolute wonders. After using this, my skin felt super soft – and cleaner than it ever had been from using chemical-based cleansers. Says it all really.

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

Or the miracle elixir, as I like to call it. It’s a sort of watery gel that dries within 30 seconds and zaps any problem areas. It’s antibacterial, antiseptic and packed with soothing ingredients like witch hazel and tea tree. It works better as a preventative measure than as a treatment for full-blown spots – at the first warning sign, I dab some of this on and problem solved! 

Enzymion Facial Moisturiser
I didn’t use a moisturiser in my old skincare routine (which I’ll get to in my next post). That was naughty and bad, because even oily skin needs a moisturiser to rebalance everything after cleansing. I have annoying combination skin, but I’ve found this is light and gentle yet nourishing. I’m certainly not a moisturiser-pro – and if I’m honest, I only got this because it was a little cheaper than the Vanishing Cream moisturiser I originally wanted to try! But I’m really liking this so far. 

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I probably didn’t need this, but OH MY GOD it smells so wonderfully delicious (as does their Mint Julip flavour). The change in season always leaves me prone to cracked lips (and dry hands) and my penchant for red lipstick doesn’t help. This stuff has been really handy in a) removing the little bits of lipstick that seem impossible to get off and b) making my lips feel all new and lovely again. And they smell divine. Just sayin’. 

After my second trip to Lush last weekend, I felt super relaxed. I think that was partly from the amazing scents – but it was also because I finally felt in control of my formerly rubbish skin. I’m now super excited to see the results in the coming weeks. Squee!

N.B: I’m the first to note that over-brimming enthusiasm can sound a bit suspicious on blogs. So I’d like to reassure you that this post is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Lush. These reviews are 100% honest and all of the products were bought by me – in fact, I’m thinking of sending my next paycheque straight to their HQ. Saves time, eh? xx

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