20 reasons to get excited for Autumn

September divides us into two tribes. There are those who can’t bear to see the Summer end and become the mardiest of bums once the first leaves of Autumn fall. They crave sunshine, so the thought of hibernating during the dark evenings and hiding their perfectly bronzed pins behind 80 denier is abhorrent.

The others, bless their cottons, have been waiting patiently for Summer to finish. They can’t wait to stow away their Factor 50 and bust out their extensive knitwear collection. Our Autumn lovers are much happier prancing around the fallen leaves in Chelsea boots, catching up on Netflix, and relaxing to the sound of rain on their window panes.

So, whether you’re a sunshine child who needs a little reminder of all the fabulous things coming your way, or you’re an autumnal hibernator who just loves a good list, take a look at my 20 reasons to get excited for Autumn!

1. The long evenings were made for Netflix. It’s dark outside, what else is there to do but curl up in a blanket, binge-watching your favourite shows?

2. Let’s bake! Maybe we need something warm to counteract the chilly evenings stretching ahead of us – or perhaps it’s some kind of hypnotism from Paul Hollywood’s piercing blue peepers every Wednesday night – but Autumn is definitely the season for baking. Whether it’s a double chocolate fudge cake (yes), apple crumble or gingerbread, make something delicious. If baking isn’t your forte, try my fool-proof chocolate chip cookies! You can’t mess them up.

3. Get reading. Autumn is the perfect time to catch up on those books you’ve been meaning to read. Get cosy and lose yourself in the pages of something wonderful! I’ll be making a must-read list to share on here if you need a bit of inspiration. Bring on those rainy days.

4. No more Summer hazards. As much as I imagine Summer to be the season of sitting in the sun, relaxing by the beach and getting bronzed, it is also the time of sunburn, rogue wasps and bug bites. And the last time I looked directly at my pale pins, I nearly blinded myself. Summer can be dangerous, man. 

5. Hot chocolate. Iced frappes and fruity smoothies are pretty good, but nothing beats a hot chocolate topped with a mountain of whipped cream and sprinkled with mini marshmallows.

6. #NoFilter. What’s more beautiful than a technicolour blanket of crunchy leaves? Instagram never looked so good!

7. Comfort food. Hearty stews, delicious soups served with fresh crusty bread and – most importantly – the classic Sunday roast. Unbeatable. 

8. Trick or Treat? I still love Halloween. Any excuse to bust out the spooky Spotify playlists (yes, I have one) and scary movies, carve pumpkins, get dressed up for parties and eat all the sweets. But maybe I won’t go quite so crazy on the costumes this year…

9. Snuggle up. ‘Tis the season for cuddling in front of the fireplace. And there’s nothing I love more than donning a pair of thick, fluffy socks and cocooning myself in a blanket. These teddy bear throws are my favourite. 

10. New wardrobe. Autumn clothes are simply the best! Cosy cable knits, blanket-capes, ankle boots, knee socks, leather jackets, oversized fedoras and beanies are sartorial heaven to me. Oh – and all things burgundy – from my lipstick and nails to these suede shoe-boots of my dreams. 

11. Bubble baths. Okay, you could have a bubble bath in Summer – but soaking in the tub is so much more satisfying when it’s cold outside. Bonus points for anyone who lights candles and plays music for an epic bathing session.

12. New seasons. For once I’m not talking about fashion, I’m talking about TV! Get the popcorn ready, there are so many series heading our way this month. I’m very excited about seeing new episodes of The Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory, Fresh Meat and Peep Show. And I reckon Marvel’s Jessica Jones will be pretty good too! What are you most looking forward to watching?

13. Crisp country walks. I need to take full advantage of living in Dorset and get out for some country walks. Old Harry Rocks, Lulworth Cove and the New Forest are just a few of the local beauty spots to visit – do I sense some beautifully shot blog posts coming your way? Exercise seems so much more bearable when imagined in chunky scarves and cute hats. And the air smells extra delicious in October, doesn’t it?

14. Bye-bye bikini bod. I never actually got round to getting one of those. Somehow my inherent laziness and addiction to chocolate got in the way. But now I can let go of that last morsel of guilt and any pangs of paranoia about foisting my pasty flesh on the unsuspecting public. Now it’s all about the Autumn body – achievable by gorging on hearty meals and taking brisk country walks. Much more manageable.

15. Fireworks. I love the Autumnal social calendar. As soon as you come down from Halloween’s sugar rush, you have toffee apples, sparklers and fireworks to look forward to! This year I might actually watch the display instead of trying to photograph it.

16. Wellies. I can’t pretend Autumn is all golden sunlight streaming past amber coloured leaves (I might just be imagining the front cover of When Harry Met Sally, actually). It will rain. But if you buy a fun pair of wellies, you can spend the afternoon splashing in puddles and jumping in piles of leaves! 

17. Bed. The clocks will be changing before we know it – I’m already excited about that an extra hour in bed. Long lie-ins generally become a lot easier, as there’s no more direct sunlight shining on your face at 7am. With all that extra time spent snoozing, I think it’s time to invest in some fancy bedding. (Yep, those are my cat babies!)

18. Thanksgiving? Before you give me that ‘really, Nikki?‘ look, apparently one-in-six Brits now celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, I’ll be having my first taste of the holiday, courtesy of my friend Zoë. She’s all about grabbing the opportunity to share a delicious meal with her nearest and dearest. I’m game – anything for turkey and sweet potato!

19. Put pen to paper. NaNoWriMo is coming up! Looking confused? It’s short for National Novel Writing Month, and it’s in November. As my ultimate goal in life is to write a book, I can’t think of a better time to get started. And I’ve got two months to plan! Even if you’re not into writing, the extra time spent indoors is a great excuse to get creative.

20. The build up. As the last firework of Bonfire Night evaporates into the ether, you feel a chill in the air. Change is afoot. All thoughts of cosy sweaters, fluffy socks and cinnamon sticks are replaced by festive jumpers, stockings and candy canes. Ah, Christmas, the season of  presents, good food, fairy lights… Oh… too soon for the C-word?

I can find a few reasons to get enthused about any season, but I think the warm, cosy vibes of Autumn have cinched the deal – it’s my favourite! What are you most looking forward to? x


    1. September 28, 2015 / 11:31 am

      I'm actually going to bookmark this page. I am such a weather grump. As soon as the heat goes (yup, it's already happened) and the cold winds blow over London I get my bad mood on. I need to be more positive. Autumn is a pretty spectacular season, if only it wasn't so cold !! (sorry, I grumped at the end, will work on it)

    2. September 28, 2015 / 12:39 pm

      Hahaha, I love this. It's getting pretty nippy, but any excuse to bust out a blanket and cocoon yourself until April, I say 😉 X

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