Chocolate day

I love Easter! Well, it’s no Christmas, but it has family, fun and, most crucially, chocolate. What more could you want? This year we were totally spoilt with delicious treats, as you can see!

My Easter was spent, as it always is, at my grandparents’ house. They organised the usual Easter Egg hunt (even though us grandkids are now aged 15-24, it never gets old) and then we sat back, scoffed chocolate and played games.

I can confidently claim to have a hilarious family – even if it’s partly unintentional. Grandad is my favourite in humour department – he’s the most sarcastic, witty, sharp Grampy ever.

At one point my Nan turned to him to ask if ermine was a type of animal. I maintain it’s a type of fur coat. She was cheekily trying to get a 10 point answer on Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. As if, Nan.

Anyway, Grandad isn’t a fan of the straight-forward answer. Or listening to the question.

Nan: ‘Geoffrey, is -‘
Grandad: ‘Yes, but only in spring and every Thursday in March’.


‘I thought plug-hole was a euphemism!’

But back to the ‘accidentally hilarious’ segment of the day…
Setting the scene: 
The whole family are gathered around the dining room table, tucking into a grand Sunday spread. Grandad decides on a new conversational topic.
Grandad: Did any of you hear about the Lush soap…?
Me: Yes! I did! [Finally, reading my Twitter feed pays off!]
Rest of the family: No?
Grandad: Lush sold a soap with seeds in it… and people soon found little green sprouts growing out of their plug-holes!
Me: It was a massage bar – they shouldn’t have been using it in the bath – or letting the seeds fall down the drain afterwards! That’s how fresh the ingredients are! [Pretty sure I’m quoting the Lush press release now…]
Aunt: Oh! Actual plug-holes! Grandad I thought you meant… 
Rest of the family: [No. No, please don’t say it…]
Aunt: Your nether-regions!

Grandpops was comically horrified.

Family movies

You know when you find a home movie from your childhood – or your parents’ childhoods? And it feels like finding treasure? Isn’t that the best thing ever?

With that in mind, I decided to do a little bit of filming during the day. Just because I feel like I’ll regret not capturing these cute little moments.

I don’t know, maybe future generations will want to look back on my collection of Dubsmashes and Snapchats, but I don’t think that’s too likely…

Shall I say the classic vlogger thing now?

‘Comment, like, subscribe!’

A big thank you to my fantastic family for all this brilliant content, from the hilarious anecdotes to the delicious cakes and lovely faces I caught on camera!


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