A few of my favourite things: June 2018

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay (it’s been a little bit manic over here) but I’m happy to say: Welcome to another weekly round up!

What I’m listening to:

My favourite podcasts: Queer Eye, No Such Thing As a Fish, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

One word: Podcasts. I’ve recently become absolutely obsessed.

My current favourites are:

  • Getting Curious – Jonathan Van Ness (the fabulous kween from Queer Eye) gets curious about a variety of topics. A few of my favourite titles include: ‘Who was the Beyoncé of Renaissance Art?’, ‘Has Britain screwed itself with Brexit?’ and ‘Is Saudi Arabia cute now?’. There’s always an expert on the show to teach him (and me) about new topics. You genuinely learn a lot and JVN is way more entertaining than the news.
  • Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls – You’ve probably heard of the book by the same name? The podcast goes into more detail, with each 15-minute(ish) episode focusing on a particular bad-ass woman. I genuinely listen to it before bed, so I can fall asleep feeling inspired.
  • No Such Thing As a Fish – The elves behind QI (that’s really what they’re called, I’m not being rude) share and dissect brilliant facts. It’s absolutely hilarious. And now I know things like lobsters pee from their eyes and Winston Churchill used to wear a pinstripe onesie made of velour. You can’t put a price on that kind of knowledge.
You can listen to all of these podcasts on Spotify too, hurrah!

What I’m watching:

Netflix: Queer Eye, Champions, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I am, of course, watching the second season of Queer Eye. That show is like chicken soup for the soul and I’m so glad I’ve persuaded most of my friends to get obsessed with it too! If you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a reality TV show following five fabulous gay men who makeover the lives of other people. It’s packed with positivity, self-improvement, acceptance and love.

I’ve also binged Champions on Netflix, which was even more brilliant and hilarious than I expected. Fairly confident I watched the first season in 2–3 days. Currently praying for season 2.

Oh, and I saw the first half of the latest season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. They’re absolutely nailing it, too. Alas, I just found out we’re not getting the second half until January 2019! Heartbroken.

What I’m doing:

Did you catch my Paris blog post earlier? It’s very light on text so you can whizz through the pictures. I know that’s your favourite bit!

The Eiffel Tower at sunset, photographed from Pont Alexandre III

I also filmed a video about this new bag I bought, which so many people asked questions about on Instagram. It looks like a normal bag but the inside is made of clever little pockets and sections. Plus, it’s vegan. And made from recycled bottles. And I have a 20% discount code for you! Just take a look at the video:


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