Lemons and straw

It’s getting hot in here

Who else is running out of heatwave-appropriate clothing? I feel like I’ve been recycling the same five outfits every day. Since it’s been six weeks of sweltering swelterness, I decided to treat myself to a new dress.

And what better occasion to bust it out than Queenie coming to visit!

We battled the 28c heat in Old Town, Poole – the closest thing I have locally to the beautiful streets of Notting Hill. Perfect for a few outfit snaps.

Nikki and Queenie in Old Town, Poole.

Queenie in Old Town, Poole

Lemon print dress and straw hat, both from ASOSI couldn’t decide if the straw boater hat was a little too extra for an afternoon in town, but Queenie’s boyfriend James assures me it completes my summer outfit (a true style guru).

Nikki wearing a lemon print sundress and straw boater hatQueenie and Nikki in Old Town


After our impromptu photo shoot, we headed back to mine to film a couple of videos: a Best Friend Tag and a Tinder Takeover. They’ll be winging their way to my YouTube channel in the next week or two, so keep an eye out! The Tinder video is especially cringe-worthy, you’ll love it.

ASOS Vero Moda lemon print dress and ASOS straw hat

Lemon dress and straw hatDo you think this next photo looks like an album cover? Queenie and I decided our band would be a folk-reggae combo called The Velvet Slippers. Our debut album Roasted Root Vegetables drops next week.

Queenie and Nikki in Poole

I’ll be back for more ridiculousness soon,


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