Ten ways to celebrate spring

My phone buzzed. I had an Instagram notification.

‘I love the positivity you find in every season!’ my best friend had commented on a picture I’d posted. It was photograph of a blossom tree, with a caption waxing lyrical about the joys of spring.

I was touched by her comment – and inspired. Spring is a lovely season, yet I’ve never written about it here. How? I famously love a seasonal listicle!

If there’s one thing we can count on in this frighteningly uncertain world, it’s the coming and going of seasons. Why not have a list of things to look forward?

So, in honour of Becky, here are 10 things you enjoy this spring:

Take in the beauty

Some beautiful blooms I spotted in Vondelpark, Amsterdam

This month, find a picturesque, floral spot and take five minutes to look around you. Really look. Are there tulips? Daffodils? Blossom trees? Wisteria? Think to yourself: ‘Wow, aren’t they beautiful?’

There are some gorgeous cherry blossom trees on my way home and, year after year, my stomach flips with joy when I realise they’ve bloomed. They are probably my favourite thing in nature, yet I rarely make the time to properly take them in.

This season, I’m making time. Let’s all make time.

Have a picnic

Any excuse to gather your nearest and dearest to munch treats in the sun!

When: As soon as the sun comes out and temperatures soar past 15c.
Location: A pretty, quiet, grassy area.
Guests: Your favourite people.
Food ideas: Fresh fruit, sourdough baguettes, delicious cheeses, chilled bottles of rose lemonade and tiny cakes. (I have a soft spot for Thornton’s mini chocolate fudge brownie bites.)

Buy fresh flowers

A vase of fresh, new fleurs brightening up my lounge does wonders for me. It instantly lifts my mood and brings a smile to my face.

Spring 2019: Mission accomplished

I have a little spring fantasy, actually: buying a bunch of flowers – peonies, pale pink roses and gypsophila, wrapped in paper – from a town market and wandering around, pretending to be the leading lady in an artsy flick. There will, of course, be a cinematic spring soundtrack playing, which leads me to …

Curate a spring playlist

Come springtime, I like light, twinkly songs. Music that feels fresh and upbeat. Think piano plinks and French cafe vibes. Plus Here Comes The Sun, of course! I’m sure each person’s perfect spring playlist is as unique as a fingerprint, but here’s mine if you’re in need of inspiration.

Wear your favourite spring outfit

Maybe it’s just me, but I get a lot of joy out of ‘dressing the part’ each season. Whether that’s some trusty boots with an old leather jacket and a soft, tartan scarf for autumn; a cosy coat and co-ordinating bobble hat for winter; or a floaty midi dress for summer.

This spring, throw on your favourite outfit. Maybe that’s a floral dress or a Breton-striped top with jeans and ballet flats. Maybe it’s something completely different. Whatever a spring outfit means to you, wear it. Enjoy it.

Start a new hobby

Spring is a time of new beginnings, right? If you’re kicking yourself for not setting something as a New Year’s resolution, start now! Most January resolutions are broken after a couple of weeks – maybe this will have more sticking power?

It worked for me, anyway. I wanted to exercise more regularly so I began the Blogilates 100 Ab Challenge and just finished the final day! I am so proud of myself – and I feel much stronger, more confident and motivated to keep going. I’ll be writing more about this soon!

Take a day trip

There are so many places in the UK that look absolutely stunning in the spring sunshine. Retrace your footsteps at an old haunt or visit somewhere new – it could be your next favourite spot!

When I think of spring, I imagine beaches, gardens, country parks and cities with old stone buildings – good places to look at are Devon, Dorset, the Cotswolds, Oxford, Bath and Norfolk. (Personal punt for Bournemouth, I’m quite partial to my hometown.)

The beautiful Tuileries Garden in Paris

I’ll always have a soft spot for Paris in the springtime. It isn’t the easiest day trip, but not impossible if you live near the Eurostar!

Eat an ice-cream outside

I don’t think I need to sell you on this one. It’s best enjoyed in the sunshine – maybe on a lunch break, when you just need a sugary boost?

Spring clean

Spring cleaning is a great act of self-care. Organise, tidy, declutter, simplify, purify. You’ll feel accomplished when you’re done and it’ll put you in a good place to enjoy the rest of the season.

Make something

I think spring is a good time to get creative. Bake a cake, paint a watercolour, write something, start a scrapbook. Some of my favourite creative projects are things I can give or share with a friend, just to show I’m thinking of them.

A very spring-themed watercolour from a couple of weeks ago

I’ve become fond of handwriting letters to my loved ones, as it’s much more personal than a text or WhatsApp message – and in person, people don’t often enjoy a monologue about how great they are.

How do you celebrate spring? Is there anything I should add to the list? Let me know!

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