Sunflowers at Sopley Farm

A couple of weekends ago, back when it was warm and bright, we travelled to Sopley Farm in Dorset. All to see their beautiful sunflowers.

I’d only ever been to Sopley Farm in the autumn, to pick pumpkins. I had no idea what to expect during the summer and I hoped it wouldn’t be disappointed. I needed haven’t worried, as we were greeted with wave upon wave of rainbow-hued flowers. Glorious golden sunflowers stretching into the sky, gladioli in every shade imaginable, delicate purple flowers tentatively poking their heads out. It was beautiful.

Picking raspberries, trying tayberries

We admired the flowers and took a few photos before heading further into the fields. Here we spotted rows and rows of berries: blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, tayberries. Delicious berries. We weren’t in a rush, so we decided to pick a few raspberries.

‘Just a few’

I tried my first tayberry!

I pulled some funny faces as I ate it but on reflection, I liked it!

When we pottered back to the farm shop, to buy our berries, I spotted some sunflowers for sale. £2 for 5. I couldn’t resist.

I genuinely enjoyed visiting Sopley Farm, and I can’t wait to visit for some pumpkin picking in October! I think stopping by to see the sunflowers and picking berries might become a new July/August tradition too … watch this space.

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