Pumpkin Queen

Happy Monday, pals!

Last weekend I crossed another item off my autumn joy list: pumpkin picking.

My family and I jumped on our broomsticks and flew to Sopley Farm in east Dorset. Committed to seasonal joy, as always, I spent the journey serenading them with my Halloween playlist (you’ll find it at the end of the post).

I can levitate pumpkins now, no big deal

While I love Halloween – and a theme – I didn’t want to dress up in costume to go pumpkin-picking (I think that’s only OK for 5-year-olds?). But I did want a little nod to Halloween with my outfit. In a star-spangled black dress, black fedora, and orange-tan coloured boots, I felt rather on-brand. And my leather backpack? A nod to Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

After posing in the fields like an angered witch taking revenge on the villagers by destroying their crops (I have a backstory, you see), I bought six small pumpkins. Including a (rare?) blue one!

I’ll be using them to create an autumnal table display. ‘Cos I’m a basic witch like that.

Before I go, here’s my ever-expanding playlist. Just in case you’re ever in need some Halloween music:

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