My perfect day

I’ve been stuck at home for months, so I’ve had plenty of time to dream about what I’ll do when lockdown is over and I’m feeling better.

There’s a whole list of things I want to do, but my favourite past-time has been planning ‘the perfect day’. I’ve finessed my imaginary itinerary over the last few weeks and it’s simple but delightful:

9am: Get up, grab breakfast

All perfect days start with a lie in, right? So I’d top up my beauty sleep until 9am and get ready in a very leisurely manner. I’d pick out a beloved outfit and listen to Perfect Day by Hoku, since that’s the theme. Maybe I’d wear one of these:

I’m Nikki and I like dresses

Then I’d walk down to Circo Lounge in Westbourne for breakfast and order eggs benedict with hash browns and freshly squeezed orange juice.

My favourite breakfast from Circo Lounge, Westbourne

11am: Browsing the shops

With breakfast safely demolished, I’d wander around Westbourne – my favourite activity. First, I’d explore the music shop to see if there are any bargain vinyl records about. And I’d have to pop into the gift shop Attico and clothing haven Mint Tea Boutique while I’m there.

You’ll find me in the Westbourne Arcade, clutching a bargain jazz record
Attico has the most delicious window displays
Clothes and goodies in the stylish Mint Tea Boutique

Next I’d go to the Westbourne Bookshop and treat myself to something to read. Then I’d head across the road to Petite Prince and get myself some delicious patisserie for ‘breakfast dessert’ – something chocolate and vanilla flavoured is my go-to.

Drooling over the goodies in Le Petit Prince

And finally, I’d visit my beloved flower shop for some fresh blooms. In an ideal world, my hand-tied bouquet would be made of pink peonies, roses and gypsophila.

Peonies, please

If I wasn’t too full from breakfast, I’d stop by my favourite cafe, Coffee Saloon, for a hot chocolate.

Deliciously rich hot chocolate from Coffee Saloon

1pm: Relaxing at home

I’d walk home, armed with my goodies. Once I’m back in my little sanctuary, I’d arrange my flowers in a pretty vase, eat my Le Petit Prince treat and stick on Amy Winehouse’s album. I’d be waiting for Tears Dry On Their Own to come on so I could dance and dramatically lip-sync.

Perfect patisserie from Le Petit Prince

3pm: Beach walk

Dance party over, I’d head to the beach for a lovely relaxing stroll. Shoes off, obviously, to feel the sand between my toes. Maybe I’d even sit down and start reading my new book.

I have a penchant for pastel skies on the beach

5pm: Dinner with friends

I’d walk home and get ready for an early dinner (nana alert) with all my friends. We’d go to Baffi, eat pizza, laugh, chat and have a lovely time.

In case you’re wondering, my standard order is the pizza margherita with parma ham/prosciutto. And a refreshing lemon San Pellegrino.

I can’t put into words how much I miss a Baffi pizza

7pm: And relax …

Then I’d go home and watch Paddington 2 (because I wholeheartedly believe it’s the best film ever made), before topping the evening off with a relaxing bath before bed.

It goes without saying that a Lush bath bomb would be involved, right?

And there we go, that’s the best day I can imagine. What’s yours?

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