My favourite jewellery

For a bit of escapism, I want to share my favourite pieces of jewelleryand the wonderful small businesses they came from.

When I was younger, I was a magpie – desperately accumulating all things cheap and shiny. But now that I’m older and wiser, with a clearer sense of style, I know I don’t need a lot of jewellery. And cheap jewellery is simply a waste of money, unsustainable, and bad for the environment.

Now I look for affordable, quality pieces that will stand the test of time and look good with everything I wear.

In fact, this is the sum total of my jewellery collection. I’m really into gold at the moment, can you tell?

So, let me break down some of my favourite pieces:


I wear this coin pendant from Aran Jewels almost every day. I like Aran Jewels (you can also find them on Etsy, FYI) because their pieces look expensive but the prices are actually pretty decent.

I recently added a smaller necklace from my favourite place, Little Nell. This necklace is marvellous because it has three length options (it’s pictured at its shortest) so it’s very versatile and perfect for layering. I would also recommend following Little Nell on Instagram – I love scoping their latest pieces and Penny (the creative genius behind Little Nell) is a gem.


There are three things I like in jewellery: gold, simplicity and stars. So when I saw this band from Carrie Elizabeth, I knew it had to be mine. I’ll be honest, this isn’t a brand I can generally afford but I treated myself to this beautiful ring as a ‘well done’ for facing my fears and going through medical tests. So this is very much my bravery ring. And if there’s an upside to being diagnosed with a disease, it’s being able to treat yourself to pretty things.

(It’s the only ring I wear, so this is a short, easy section!)


I decided it would be very cool and French of me to get into gold hoops. Obviously not big hoops, I’d look ridiculous. But these huggie hoops by Little Nell are perfect. Big enough to be noticeable, not so big I look like I’m in fancy dress. They’re also suitable for sensitive ears, which is a godsend. My ears get very angry when faced with cheap metal.

These little huggie hoops are from Aran Jewels, for when I also need a dash of sparkle.

Wearing Little Nell (big hoops) and Aran Jewels (little hoops)

I would also like to share this Wild Fawn Jewellery mix and match stud set I purchased over a year ago (apologies, old photo). I remember describing it as my ‘dream ear’. Wild Fawn is great for beautiful, hypoallergenic, ethical, sustainable jewellery. It’s a little pricier but given it will last you a very long time, the cost-per-wear makes it a good investment. And if you’re a sucker for beautiful presentation (like me), you will really enjoy opening the box your order comes in. That’s all I’m saying.

Wearing Wild Fawn Jewellery’s Mix and Match Stud Set and Ear Cuff

What are your favourite jewellery brands?

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